Snowdon Prep

Leading up to Snowdon Marathon has been good with a few runs feeling good. Strong legs on long run and even a little speed been introduced since Barcelona Ironman. Although Snowdon wont be a fast marathon it will give me the 26.2 hard miles and the opportunity to carry 7 KG of weight in Prep for MDS.  

 A lot has changed with a thanks to Newton for the sponsorship of there trainers that I’m finding amazing. I’ts like another world of running and have finally found the footwear that i will be using on MDS. Again thank you Stephen Honight and Newton for your help in this. You can pick up you’re pair at Cycle Specific and also get the opportunity to try before you buy!!! don’t think I’ve had that luxury before.

A great training aid for me over the last 4 weeks has been the use of Rocktape to support my fatigued muscles off  the back of a hard ironman. The technology of the tape is amazing helping to prevent an injury to support an injury and even to enhance performance massive thanks to the Rocktape team for there support and a product I will be 100% be taking as part of my survival kit to MDS.

Truestart coffee is something that was recommended to me as a natural caffeine hit for those early morning runs without the feelings of bad stomachs from your standard gels. (This is probably due to I’m Gluten & Wheat intolerant I found out yesterday) But this product I’m finding amazing and highly recommend to anyone needing that little (MASSIVE) boost for your training. 

As always I have so many people to thank for there help  along my journey the list is endless but the people who have supported me on all parts of training the last few weeks from talking to me, reality check and sometimes cutting the bull S*”T to getting me to push a little outside my comfort zone big thanks to Dylan Morris at Cycle Specific, Kev Pullin of Irontriswim, Craig Armstrong health specialists of which a full report of my physiology testing will be done next week, And obviously my wife and kids for there constant support and understanding of why I’m always training. 

Love you all guys!!! Thanks for everything!!!