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Marathon Des Sables

 April 7th-17th 2017, Southern Moroccan Sahara

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Well I‘m excited to say that I’ve managed to secure a place in the Marathon Des Sables 2017! In April, I’ll be arriving in the sweltering Sahara desert to complete this punishing ultra-marathon, whilst raising vital money and awareness for Spinal Cord Injury cure research charity,
Walkoncemore. This will be a punishing event, but I’m really looking forward to the challenge and hoping that you’ll all get behind me as I prepare for it!
As a six-day, 254 km (156 mile) ultra-marathon, and the equivalent to six regular marathons, I will cross numerous terrains, sand dunes, salt flats, mountains and rock. Just to make things that little bit (!) more taxing, I will be traversing the course with my entire kit on my back, containing all of my food, cooking equipment, my sleeping bag, clothes, venom pump, flare, and every other essential supply required to survive this self sufficient race. I think it's safe to say that the MdS really might be the toughest footrace on Earth!

The Sahara Desert is a unique place, fiery hot and with unusual terrain like sand dunes, fields of rocks as far as the eye can see, crusty salt deposits, dried lakebeds, and mountains composed of rocks sharp enough to slice skin open with a gentle touch.
Meghan M. Hicks, MdS 2013 (17th overall / 1st female) -

 A race over 6 days - covering 156 miles - In tempeatures above 50c degrees - Carrying all kit & food

In the lead up to this event, I will compete in a series of marathons and ultra events such as Ironman and cover thousands of kilometres in training in order to prepare my body for the pain and suffering I will endure in temperatures well above 50 degrees.

All of this combined still doesn’t compare to how tough daily life is for millions of people around the World after falling victim to a spinal cord injury (SCI), however. With each unforgiving mile of the course, I am aiming to raise as much money and awareness as possible towards a cure for this debilitating condition.

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A cure for Spinal Cord Injury is out there, and here at Walkoncemore, we’re determined to help that cure arrive in the not too distant future.
We are committed to financially supporting the most promising curative advances World-Wide. This will help to hasten the time period from laboratory to bedside, helping the injured to cast aside their wheelchairs and get back on their feet as soon as possible.
Putting an end to the permanence of this devastating injury will result in millions of people the World over being freed from a life of paralysis, pain and loss of independence and dignity.
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Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI’s) are a tragic and unavoidable hazard of life, with accidents occurring in every country, to all manner of people, every hour of every day.

Once damaged, the spinal cord is currently irreparable, meaning permanent paralysis and a myriad of associated problems for the affected individual. The severity of the damage varies with each injury, but some higher injuries can even leave the victim unable to breathe unassisted.
It has now been proven in animal models that the spinal cord can indeed be regenerated, and this needs to be translated for use in patients as soon as is safely possible. A severe lack of funding is currently the biggest roadblock in moving these promising therapies from the laboratory to human clinical trials.

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